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Awards and Professional Recognition Committee
The Awards and Professional Recognition Committee shall acknowledge the outstanding contributions of research, leadership, service, educational resources, and international contributions to economic education.

International Committee
The International Committee shall foster cooperation between the Association and professional economic educators in other countries and increase the presence of international content in Association programming.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee shall conduct outreach to current and potential Association members to develop and foster a thriving community of economic educators.

Conference Committee
The Conference Committee shall work with the Executive Committee and stakeholders to plan and execute the Association’s annual conference(s).

Professional Development Committee
The Educational Resources Committee shall review and make recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding economic education print and online materials, including future publications and/or updates of current curricula of the Council for Economic Education at their initiative, and endorsement of economic education curricula.

Research Committee
The Research Committee shall guide Association efforts to identify and promote existing and future economic education research.

Advocacy Committee
The Advocacy Committee shall provide guidance in policy making and implementation to support, protect, and promote economic education and diversity in the economics profession.

 NAEE is a 501(c)(3) corporation
 Federal Tax ID: 31-1093778

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