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The National Association of Economic Educators (NAEE) is the professional association of economic educators.


The mission of National Association of Economic Educators (NAEE) is to advance economic and financial literacy by serving educators.

NAEE Executive Board

President:  Jennifer Davidson, Nebraska Council on Economic Education
Past President:  Julia Heath, University of Cincinnati
President Elect:  Derek D'Angelo, Michigan Council on Economic Education
Treasurer: James Wilcox, University of Southern Mississippi

Council Representatives

Derek D'Angelo, Michigan Council on Economic Education

Daniel Mortensen, Virginia Council on Economic Education

Kathleen Lawson, Economics Arkansas

Center Representatives
Abdullah Al-Bahrani, Northern Kentucky University
James Wilcox, University of Southern Mississippi

Stephen Day, Virginia Commonwealth

At-Large Representatives
Scott Wolla, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Ex-Officio: CEE Board Representative:  Jeff Sanson,  Indiana Council on Economic Education

Executive Secretary:  Amanda Jennings, University of Michigan

Social Media Director:  Alyse Pflanz, Univ of Nebraska Kearney Center


To provide professional development programs and training for educators to promote economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurial education in the classroom;

Το promote high-quality, activity-based pedagogy for teaching economics, encouraging student centered methods and curriculum;

To provide a forum for communicating, sharing best practices and research, and exchanging ideas among those involved in economic and financial education;

To promote, support, recognize and advocate for research in economic and financial education;

To promote strong leadership, sound management and effective fundraising strategies for economic education organizations;

To advance objective, non-partisan, and academically strong economic education research and programs;

To collaborate with economics and financial education stake-holders, in mutually beneficial, reciprocal partnerships to advance economic education; and

To advocate on a national and international level for economics and financial education.


NAEE seeks to enhance economic education and your career as an economic educator by:

Providing professional development programs, including a spring conference and pre-conference sessions at the CEE/NAEE/GATE annual meetings,

Providing mentoring and consulting for our members, informally and through our mini-grant program,

Publicly recognizing the achievements of individual members of our network through annual NAEE awards for leadership, service, research, international contributions, and rising stars,

Co-sponsoring research sessions with CEE at the Allied Social Science Association annual meetings, and

Improving communication within economic education

Become a Member

Any individual who expresses an interest in the goals and mission of the association may join. Membership in NAEE is open to persons who have specifically-designated professional responsibilities in economic education or a strong interest in furthering economic education at all levels. Many members are affiliated with a Center for Economic Education or a state Council on Economic Education, affiliated with the Council for Economic Education, Federal Reserve Economic Education, or other organization closely aligned to the goals and mission of the Association. Teachers at all levels are also welcome.


Thank you to Economic Literacy Colorado for devoting resources toward the development of the NAEE Network poster.

 NAEE is a 501(c)(3) corporation
 Federal Tax ID: 31-1093778

Contact Amanda Jennings, NAEE Executive Secretary

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