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Why Economics Education?

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 3:44 PM | Derek D'Angelo (Administrator)

Why Economics Education?

What students should know about economics and why: 6 Key Ideas

K-12 students should learn economics because they will make important decisions in their roles as workers/entrepreneurs, consumers, borrowers, savers, investors and voters. Their futures and the future of our economy and our democracy depend upon their making informed, reasoned decisions. Economics education shows them how to do that. We don't begin teaching other skills such as mathematics or reading in the 12th grade, so why would we do so with economic reasoning?

Below are six of many ways that economic education can provide students better understanding that will not only be the foundation for personal success, but also contribute to the success of the community and our nation.

This document was created by a CEE/NAEE Task Force:

Jim Charkins (CA), Mary Lynn Reiser (NE), Joanne Dempsey, (IL) and Sarah Finley (VA)


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